Polimer Modifikasyonu

The effects of irradiation on material and cross linking process of polymers by irradiation is one of the most studied and developed industrial applications in recent years. The commercial production of cross-linked polyethylene for the isolation of cables and wires was first made in 1950’s in America

Nowadays, studies carried out for the adaptation of irradiation technology to nano technology still continues.

Ionization and structure changes occur in the polymer molecules which interact with gamma rays. As a result of this interaction, the most important change observed turns out to be the strengthening of the cross linking and chain bonds.

By cross-linking, 3 basic properties of the plastic material is changed:

Mechanical Properties
  • Increase in rigidity
  • Durability to impact
  • Durability to corrosion and cracking
  • Durability to preserve its elasticity
Chemical Properties
  • Durability to chemical factors (grease oil, salt etc.)
  • Durability to hydrolisation
Thermal Properties
  • Durabiliy to burning
  • Durability to deformation caused as a result of compress pressure
  • Increase in dimensional stability
  • Increase in HDT (Heat distortion temperature) of thermal plastics.
Applications of Irradiation Processing on the Polymeric Materials
  • Heat Resistant Cable
  • Floor Heating Pipes
  • Gas and Water Pipes Which are With Big Diameter
  • Isolations of Electric Cables
  • Foamed Polyethylene
  • Heat Shrinkable Pipes and Plates
  • Wood Surface Coating
  • Papering
  • Covering of Ceiling
  • Steel Plate Covering
  • Plasterboard Covering
  • Magnetic Disc
  • Isolated Band
  • Wood and Plastic Composites (Heat and water Resistant)
  • Polymer Flocculent (With High Molecular Weight)
  • Automobile Tyre
  • Contact Lenses
  • Water Absorbents (Diaper etc.)
  • Cross-Linked Polyurethane
  • Cross-Linked Nylon
Radiation Resistance of Polymer Materials