How is irradiation process performed?

When the irradiation equipment is off, source panel is in a water-filled pool which 8 m in depth, upper part of which is to be 6 meter depth.

In order to put the equipment in the irradiation position, source panel is brought among the boxes full of with products by pulling it with a pneumatic piston.

The products to be subjected to irradiation are put in boxes made of aluminium (tot) and carried to the irradiation room by a bearer conveyor system.

After the boxes filled with products move around the source as “go-stop” and beamed up under 53 different positions, they are automatically taken outside, again by the conveyor system.

The irradiation equipment and the conveyor system are commanded in full automatically by computer.

I Wish to Collaborate With Gamma Pak, How Should I Start?

Please contact us.

If you had no products irradiated before, please send a variety of samples in number and kind out of your products.

The product samples coming in the plant are radiated with at least 3 different doses and sent back to you for the selection of lowest (min) and highest (max) doses, best fit for the product.

In order to select the dosage, please expose the returned samples to physical, chemical and microbiologic analyses and decide about the appropriate min. and max. dose.

Kindly inform us about such dosage determination.

It is not possible to mention only one single dose for the irradiation process. The lowest (min) dose must avail the product the objective of irradiation, where the highest (max) must be adequate to enable the same protect its stability at the expiry date.

Need to Know Before You Send the product to Gamma Pak

The appropriate range of dose applicable for your products must have been determined and approved by yourselves. Kindly contact us about such matter and filling in the Irradiation Inquiry Form, send it to us through fax or mail.

The packing of your products and case dimensions have to be designed in compliance to the irradiation boxes (tot) that the products will be stuffed in. The most appropriate pack dimensions to fit inside the Tot are stated in the tables below.

Please contact us for the delivery dates of the products.

Waiting period of the products in Gamma Pack Storage after irradiation is 2 weeks maximum regardless of vacation and business days. Please try not to exceed this period.

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