Işınlama Cihazı

Sterilization with gamma rays is one of the most reliable, effective and common alternative sterilization methods used today. Gamma Pak Irradiation facility makes use of gamma rays released from Co-60 source.

Gamma rays are ionizing rays. Ionizing rays can remove electrons from the atoms when they react with substances. This process is called “ionization”. Free electrons can participate in chemical reactions or detach DNA molecules from living organisms. This reaction is the basis of terminating microorganisms such as bacteria, parasites, mold, yeasts or fungus.


Gamma rays are electromagnetic energy just like radio, TV waves or microwaves, visible lights or x-rays.


  • It is an ionizing ray. It can remove electrons from the atoms or molecules when it penetrates through a substance. That causes charged particles called "ions".
  • Its penetration capacity to materials is high because it is more energetic than other types of rays.
  • It is on the shortest wave length of the electromagnetic spectrum and the highest energy level.
  • Gamma rays don’t have any mass or charge and they travel with light speed.
Gama Işınlaması